Mahendra Rosin and Turpentine Pvt. Ltd. has been publicized by Mr. Vinod Mahendra (Director). He is a notable buyer, importer and supplier of Gum Rosin in India. The success of the company is a result of his 35 years of experience in the supply of Rosin to the paint and printing ink manufacturing industry. We have a modern Synthetic Resin Plant, located at Wada, Maharashtra. This plant has a scope of producing 4300 MT Resin per annum.
Mahendra Rosin and Turpentine Pvt. Ltd. has been in this business since 1993. We are traders in all kinds of gum rosins like , Indonesian Gum Rosin, Chinese Rosin,Turpentine oil, Tall oil rosins, and allied Chemicals. We are importing Gum Rosin from countries like Indonesia, China, Russia and many more. Our products are used extensively in the field of industrial coatings, automotive paintings, protective coating and printing ink.

Our Products

  • r

    Gum Rosin

    Gum Rosin is a natural product. It is procured from pines  trees and it is manufactured by heating liquid resin that is fresh and allowing the liquid terpene components that are volatile to vaporise. It is a solid form of resin.

  • estergum

    Ester Gum

    Ester Gum is mainly used in Adhesive Industry . It is available in Panta Base and Glycerin base.

  • Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin

    Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin

    Picture varnishes, Paper coatings , Ball point inks, French polish, Liquid Inks.

  • Maleic Resin

    Rosin Modified Maleic Resin

    For good hardness, weather resistance and excellent drying in Photo- Gravure Ink, Offset Printing Inks & Letter Press Inks.

  • Turpentine

    Turpentine Oil

    This product is primarily a liquid that is procured from the distillation of rosin that is obtained from typically pine trees. Turpentine oil has got many extensive uses like a solvent, a source of organic compounds.